«Laws and Rules in War» is a free mobile application available on the Apple AppStore, downloaded more than 42’000 times.

We are now faced with a problem of funding to develop the application, port it on other platforms, and translate it in other languages; in short, to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Rather than making the application payable, (the grant funding has not met our expectations), we produced its content as digital books. This way, you can consult the texts and annotate them with the tools of digital books:

  • A digital book has been specially developed and optimized for reading on the screen.
  • It is designed to allow redistribution of the text according to the different capacities of tools for reading digital books.
  • This means that you can resize the text size, change the font and see a digital book on different screen sizes, the text is redistributed to fill the display area available.
  • Most of the tools for reading digital books offer a table of contents, search the contents, bookmarks, notes, multiple display modes and brightness.

These books are sold at low prices. Buying them, you allow us to develop the application «Laws and Rules in War».

We created collections by topics and prepare others.

In advance we thank you for your support.