eBooks in english

The digital books below are available for purchase to finance the free application «Laws and Rules in War».

We have prepared versions for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindles.

This way we hope to find funding to port
«Laws and Rules in War» on Android and Windows systems and to develop a tablet version.

Part of the funding will be used to translate the application into other languages ​​and to add new content and features.

We grouped the titles of ebooks such as in the application.

Other titles, such as:
«International Penal Justice» illustrate the type of content we plan to add to the application.

To test our digital books, you can download for free the
«Universal Declaration of Human Rights».

k4p-eng-decl-univ-cover-web-90c   k4p-eng-rights-child-cover-web-90c   k4p-eng-rights-women-cover-web-90c

k4p-eng-geneva-conv-cover-web-90c   k4p-eng-just-pen-int-cover-web-90c   k4p-eng-mercenarism-cover-web-90c